Install distributed version by conda

Anaconda provides an enterprise-ready data analytics platform that empowers companies to adopt a modern open data science analytics architecture.

MSS is available as anaconda package on the channel.


The conda-forge packages are based on defaults and other conda-forge packages. This channel conda-forge has builds for osx-64, linux-64, win-64

The conda-forge github organization uses various automated continuous integration build processes.

conda-forge channel

Please add the channel conda-forge to your defaults:

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge

The last channel added gets on top of the list. This gives the order:

- conda-forge
- defaults

First search in conda-forge.

You must install mss into a new environment to ensure the most recent versions for dependencies (On the Anaconda Prompt on Windows, you have to leave out the ‘source’ here and below). :

$ conda create -n mssenv mamba
$ conda activate mssenv
(mssenv) $ mamba install mss

Afterwards reactivate the environment, this sets all env variables needed.

(mssenv) $ conda deactivate
$ conda activate mssenv

For updating an existing MSS installation to the current version, it is best to install it into a new environment. If an existing environment shall be updated, it is important to update all packages in this environment.

$ conda activate mssenv
(mssenv) $ mamba update mss
(mssenv) $ mamba update --all



To start the MSS UI you can lookup for “mss” on your desktop program manager or use a terminal

(mssenv) $ mss


The configuration is described in the section mss-configuration

mswms server

To try out the setup you can use demo data. Read about a server based installation.

(mssenv) $ mswms_demodata --seed
(mssenv) $ mswms

This data is then available on localhost:8081. The capabilities can be read on a web browser too.

mscolab server

To tryout the setup you can use demo data. Read about a server based installation.

(mssenv) $ mscolab db --init
(mssenv) $ mscolab db --seed
(mssenv) $ mscolab start

The service is than availale on localhost:8083 and can be verified by the server status

Further information about installation options

Please read details on